Picture this: while winding down for the day last June, my job-hunting husband receives a phone call from an international number. "You better answer it!" I encouraged. That call led to a couple more calls, which led to a few video interviews, which led to an August trip to Auckland, New Z...

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When Things Linger Too Long

When I work with clients one of the first things we do is to identify their goals for their home. Often the goal is to make more space. “I want a bigger garage, bigger kitchen, bigger-insert room here,” say my clients.

Part of what decluttering does is to make space. When your cupboards and drawers a...

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“If I were audited by the IRS, I would have to kill myself because I wouldn’t be able to find my returns, let alone my receipts. They’re probably buried in a bag with old lipstick, dead batteries, and some rocks.”--Karen Caig, client in 2021

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Poverty Mentality Got You Down?
How to declutter your poverty mindset to make your life and home work for you.
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I don't know where to start!
How to achieve your goals, one question at a time, with a professional organizer.
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Languishing? Yeah, me too.
Feeling not quite right? Unmotivated? Not really sure you care? There's a name for that! It's Languishing.
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How Big Is Your Book Pile?
Piling up books is known in Japan as tsundoku. Using the KonMari Method™ you can eliminate those piles.
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What kind of adult are you?
Decluttering before you pass can help you move toward your goals, and help loved ones later.
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Tidying Up My Conscious

Anyone else having an issue trying to decide what they want to be when they "grow up" in this new pandemic-oriented world? I thought I had it all figured out: "I'm Shanley Ten Eyck, The World's Only KonMari Consultant, Personal Fashion Stylist, Declutter Coach, Reiki Mast...

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"You're probably going to cry today."
Steps to make your move a little easier.
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