Poverty Mentality Got You Down?

13.10.21 03:22 PM By Shanley

Learn how letting go can help you feel rich!

One of the most common reasons my clients give when considering letting go of an item is, "But what if I need it? I can't afford to buy another." This is an indicator to me the client may be living with a poverty mentality. This is thoughtfully discussed in a recent article in "Insider" by Laura McCamy

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McCamy describes how she makes enough money to be able to afford new things, but was raised by her parents with a Depression Era mentality. Perpetually afraid of over-spending, her parents went without food rather than spending more for food delivery when they couldn't make it to the store. Despite being able to afford the food delivery. These are the author's statements, not mine. As soon as I start work with a client, they are told, "This is a judgement-free space," while I hold my hands over my head. I also tell them I will ask questions about an item, but I'm not judging the answers, just gathering information. 

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This helps me ascertain the best way to move forward with a client when they are unsure about an item. All clients have "maybe" items. Often I will even encourage a "maybe" pile because the point of going through items as a group (using the KonMari Method) is to strengthen your "choosing muscle" to allow you to feel more at ease with letting things go. Encouraging my clients to pick a favorite item they know makes their heart sing (Sparks Joy!), I have found, is the best way to start decluttering. This helps them remember what "Sparking Joy" feels like when they encounter a "maybe" item. 

It's not my job to tell a client what to get rid of (or keep!), it's my job to help them consider WHY they are keeping an item. And because you are afraid you'll never be able to afford to buy another one (even if you haven't used it in the 23 years it's been in your home) is a perfectly valid reason to keep an item. 

That's when our conversation really starts.

But, I'll never tell you to (or make you) get rid of an item, because you may be ok with giving up the space in exchange for keeping that item. That's your choice, because it's YOUR home and your home needs to work for you, not me. This is one of the ways I've discovered I differ from other organizers. I'm not the person who lives in your home, you are, so when I leave, if you don't like the way something is set up, it's ok to change it and make it work for you!

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Letting go of items also is a form of self-care that enhances your life. EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT. has commented how much better they feel after they've decluttered and let things go. Common statements include: "I feel so much lighter," "This is life changing," and "I can't believe I waited this long to start!" This is echoed by author McCamy in her article when she says, 

"I want to view the act of giving away things that no longer work for me as a form of self-care rather than an admission of failure. The money it takes to create a harmonious living space is well-spent. After all, what is money for but to help us live happily?"

As a Certified Personal Stylist, KonMari Consultant, Reiki Master, and Professional Organizer, I can help you start your self-care journey to feeling rich through letting go. But only when you're READY.

Give me a call or book a consultation and and we can figure out how to make that happen.

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Until then, move forward with Peace & Grace!