Common Questions

You may have a lot of questions when looking for a professional organizer or stylist.  This is a very personal process and it can be difficult to find the right professional for you.  These are some common questions that Shanley has received from her clients.  Don't see your question here?  That's okay, book a free DIscovery Call with Shanley and get your question answered.

What if I am embarrassed by the amount of stuff I have?

Asking for help is a sign of strength.  Acknowledgement of the problem is the first step.  We are all good at our own things and tapping into someone who has the skill sets you need is SMART! 

How can I find the time to get to all this stuff?

If something is important to you, you'll make the time.  When you learn the skills you will find more time in your day to day schedule because you won't spend half the time looking for items or deciding on your wardrobe choices.

What if I can't afford the prices?

Have your purchased something again because you couldn't find the original item?  Do you buy clothes that you don't love just so they can hang in your closet with the tags on?  When you take the time to take control, you will find money in places you didn't even know were possible.  You can't afford not to do this.  

What if I don't want you to be in my home?  ​

That's ok!  Shanley offers a wide variety of virtual services.  Virtual services mean that YOU are in control of what is seen.  It is less intrusive and provides you more privacy and sense of control.  Shanley works with you at your pace providing less stress to your situation.  You get more skills as you move through the process increasing your confidence in the process.

Should I wait until I am at my goal weight before getting professional styling help?

Let's dress the body you have NOW.  Feeling better about yourself as you are will give you the confidence and energy to work towards your goals.  It has been scientifically proven the way you dress impacts your mood and how others perceive you.  So, let's make them think, "She's got it together!" 

When you lose weight, we can celebrate that too and update your wardrobe accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • You don’t want me in your home.  Whew!!  That’s ok, I’m good staying in my home too!  Social-isolation at it's best means I’ve gone online with all my services.  Virtual services means YOU are in control of what I do (and don’t) see, it’s less intrusive, provides more privacy, and our work together is less stressful.  This means there is a higher level of skill transfer which increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Plus! It’s significantly less expensive because it eliminates ME in the room.  We can meet wherever you are: across the street, city, country, or globe!

  • Embarrassed about how much stuff you have and think I’m going to judge you?  Getting help is not embarrassing.  Tapping into someone who knows more than you in a specific area is smart.  Heck, it’s genius.  Plus, I will not force you to get rid of anything, you chose what leaves your home.  Additionally, I am a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and hold a safe space for those clients.
  • Weight.  Waiting to lose 10 (or more) pounds?  Let’s dress the body you have NOW and make you feel good about how you look now.  When you lose the weight we can celebrate that too, but it’s been scientifically proven the way you dress impacts your mood and how others perceive you, so let’s make them think, “Dang! She’s got it together!
  • Think you don’t have enough time?  If something is important to you, you’ll make the time.  Want me to just do it for you?  What I've found is that there is tremendous power in being able to do something yourself.  Sure having me shop, style, and organize for you is fun, but what happens when I’m gone?  What happens when those rooms get messy again, or outfits don’t work for you anymore because things have changed (in life, in size, whatever the case may be)?

    I am giving you the tools to be able to do this for yourself over and over again.  Not to mention, you’ll have me right by your side.  You can message me at anytime and I’ll help you choose an outfit, tell you if something isn’t working, where to shop … It’s like working with me in person but better – for real. 

  • Money.  Think you can’t afford it?  It’s interesting how we can so easily throw money around on things like expensive dinners, trips to Target or the movies, or on our pets.  That money flies right out the window without a second thought.  But when we think about spending money on something that will actually improve our lives and change our bottom line?  That’s when the excuses start rolling in.

    Honestly, you can’t afford not to do this.  How much money is hanging in your closet or sitting in a pile in the garage right now?  How much of those items are you actually using, wearing, AND loving?  How much money will you save when you are making the RIGHT choices going forward?  How much money can YOU make when you feel like sassy little rock star at the office or you've made space for positive energy and experiences to pour in by releasing those unneeded items?

Those are the main hurdles that are holding you back from fully being in charge and doing something for YOU.  I want you to do something nice for yourself.  When you treat yourself well, good things will always follow.

Services and prices subject to change without notice.