Tidying Up My Conscious

04.02.21 10:32 PM By Shanley

Anyone else struggling right now?

Anyone else having an issue trying to decide what they want to be when they "grow up" in this new pandemic-oriented world? I thought I had it all figured out: "I'm Shanley Ten Eyck, The World's Only KonMari Consultant, Personal Fashion Stylist, Declutter Coach, Reiki Master, LGBTQ-friendly-Professional Organizer!

Ya'll, that's a lot of commas. 

My husband and I moved to Tampa, Florida last July and I'm struggling right now to decide how to move forward with my business while not being able to help people in-person (which I LOVE). All of my business has been virtual since October. And while I'm really good at virtually helping my clients, it doesn't have the same satisfaction of touching things, moving things around, and lining up books and clothes in ROY-G-BIV order for a client, etc. I can watch while a client does it, and applaud loudly when I see the smile on their face, but it's not as tactilely satisfying for ME.

But is this about ME? Or is it about my client? What is THIS?

These are the things I'm moving through right now. I just became a Reiki Master two weekends ago, and part of that process is letting go and healing the things holding you back and not aligned with the highest version of yourself. I thought I was pretty zen before, but I'm finding I've got a few more areas to touch on in my journey toward enlightenment. I guess we all do really, but alas, I'm about me (aren't we all, lol). Plus, I can only change me. 

Part of how I'm trying to better myself is through meditation. The last few days I've been a bit out of sorts because I've just taken up running again and am really enjoying it. Monday I did a quick run without warming up, and you guessed it, injured myself. I've been gimping around since then, which has halted my workouts, which hasn't helped my cortisol levels, and has left me with more "free" time than normal. That, combined with my introspective turn because of the Reiki courses, and the recent realization I may not get to see my boys (still in Tucson) any time soon, has me in a bit of a downward spiral. 

We are SUPER fortunate to live near Tampa Bay, so I walked (slowly) down to Bayshore Boulevard to commune with the water. As I walked, I queried the Universe about how to move forward with my career and asked to be sent some guidance.

I sat for awhile and meditated with my feet in the water, because I hadn't done that yet and wondered if the water was warm. It's not. But it is February in Florida, so...

Anywho, while I sat there a woman arrived and sat down nearby. She then proceeded to meditate. I thought it was a lovely scene and had wished for such a picture of me sitting there meditating. So when she stopped I said, "Excuse me, I took a picture of you meditating because I wished someone had done that for me. It's a beautiful picture, would you like me to send it to you?"

And with that, I met Natalia. 

With just that one connection I felt a little more hopeful that I would be able to make friends in Tampa. That I might find a like-minded soul. That there is still good in the world coming to me. 

We chatted very briefly about meditation and she offered to share the one she was listening to in the picture. And so I found out about Sadhguru and Isha Kriya. I'll be using the Isha Kriya as my meditation practice for the next 48 days to see where it takes me.

The video led me to another video with Sadhguru talking at a women's college and a very astute young woman asked, "How do we find the motivation to do something that we like, for the sole purpose of being happy ourselves, instead of following the society's demands to be the best at what we do?"


Doesn't that just hit the mark? Isn't that basically what we're all trying to discover? I loved so many parts of Sadhguru's answer including, "All we want is to be better than the person sitting next to us... What we're enjoying in our lives is what she doesn't have." But as he questions: "If I come first, what about the other children?" he also posits, "this life should find full expression, whether it's better than that one or not, is not the issue... The important thing is, when you unfold all the possibilities that you hold within yourself, this is all the concern should be...

It's not so much that I want to compete with others, because I firmly subscribe to the abundance mentality that there is enough business for us all. But, which ME should I be? I'm starting the 5th year of my business, shouldn't I already have this figured out?!?

So on the walk home, I did what I am still lucky to be able to do, I called my mom. I summed up my emotional status and she granted me this gift of wisdom from her view from afar, "You're not actually starting your 5th year, you're just in the first 6 months of starting over in Tampa. So think about where you were when you first started, and how far along you are now compared to that." 


The simplicity of that alternate perspective brought tears to my eyes. I've gotten so mired down in "5 years," I didn't grant myself the Peace & Grace of seeing the big picture. I JUST started here! And if we're REALLY going to count months, I had a concussion for all of November & December, so I'm really only 4 months into my new business in Tampa. And where I am is pretty damn good! 

So, my new meditation mantra will be courtesy Sadhguru, "You don't have to be the best, you just have to be the best that YOU can be."

The light in me honors the light in you. 


If you'd like to lighten your emotional and physical load and find the truest version of you, give me a call or book a consultation and and we can figure out how to make that happen. Virtually, of course. 

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Until then, move forward with Peace & Grace!