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How Big Is Your Book Pile?
Piling up books is known in Japan as tsundoku. Using the KonMari Method™ you can eliminate those piles.
19.03.21 08:08 PM - Comment(s)
What kind of adult are you?
Decluttering before you pass can help you move toward your goals, and help loved ones later.
04.03.21 08:05 PM - Comment(s)
Tidying Up My Conscious

Anyone else having an issue trying to decide what they want to be when they "grow up" in this new pandemic-oriented world? I thought I had it all figured out: "I'm Shanley Ten Eyck, The World's Only KonMari Consultant, Personal Fashion Stylist, Declutter Coach, Reiki Mast...

04.02.21 10:32 PM - Comment(s)
"You're probably going to cry today."
Steps to make your move a little easier.
08.01.21 09:32 PM - Comment(s)
Organizing for the Holidays, the KonMari Way
For the month of December I'm joining Karen Caig for an interview series to prepare for the holidays and--especially--the new year coming up! We talk about how to use the KonMari Method™ to get your home organized and which essential oils are best to destress.
10.12.20 09:14 PM - Comment(s)

‘We Are All Accumulating Mountains of Things’

How online shopping and cheap prices are turning Americans into hoarders
Too many things in your home? You're not alone. An article in The Atlantic says, "Last year, the average size of a single-family house in America was 2,426 square feet, a 23 pe...
09.09.19 04:17 PM - Comment(s)
What a great interview with one of my former professors, Sabrina Helm at the University of Arizona. She talks about being clear about why you are decluttering or tidying up with techniques like Marie Kondo's KonMari method. Do you continue to fill spaces after you've emptied them? If so, you may nee...
07.03.19 09:56 PM - Comment(s)
What a great article with scientific evidence that clutter creates dissatisfaction with your life.

“The study, published in Current Psychology, found a substantial link between procrastination and clutter problems in all the age groups. Frustration with clutter tended to increase with age. Among...

09.01.19 10:11 PM - Comment(s)