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Tucson, AZ – (June 2, 2020) – Feeling a bit fuzzy in the head, unable to concentrate on the job at hand? It may not be the Monday morning blues but may be connected to how in control of your work and home you believe yourself to be. And, if you’re a woman, that feelin...

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‘We Are All Accumulating Mountains of Things’

How online shopping and cheap prices are turning Americans into hoarders
Too many things in your home? You're not alone. An article in The Atlantic says, "Last year, the average size of a single-family house in America was 2,426 square feet, a 23 pe...
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What a great interview with one of my former professors, Sabrina Helm at the University of Arizona. She talks about being clear about why you are decluttering or tidying up with techniques like Marie Kondo's KonMari method. Do you continue to fill spaces after you've emptied them? If so, you may nee...
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What a great article with scientific evidence that clutter creates dissatisfaction with your life.

“The study, published in Current Psychology, found a substantial link between procrastination and clutter problems in all the age groups. Frustration with clutter tended to increase with age. Among...

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Find recycling centers and services in your neighborhood.
What an AMAZING resource I just learned about! has a list of over 350 materials to recycle at over 100,000 places you're sure to find one that is convenient for you. If you need help downsizing in your home or getting rid of a ...
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What a great article by Becoming Minimalist! My favorite quote is: Consider this, human beings own more "things" today than at any point in human history. In America, the average home has tripled in size in the last 50 years. And still 10% of Americans rent offsite storage to house their...
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As a professional organizer and personal stylist I deal with clothes and closets. A LOT of clothes and closets. This means I'm always running into hangers. All kinds of hangers.

Velvet Hangers

My favorite hangers (for adults) are the velvet/flocked slim line hangers you can buy at Costco or Bed Bath ...
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Concerned about being a hoarder? Here's a great resource to figure out if you are cluttered or a hoarder:
Clutter Index Rating
cluttered bathroom on a 1 to 9 scale
Need help reducing your clutter?
I have dealt with every situation from 1-9.  Give me a call for a complementary consultation. We can figu...
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My job is to help you Live Your Best Life by curating your space to truly represent you and your goals. The clothes you wear make an impression and it is important to understand how others view you with the clothes you choose.  As a certified personal stylist, I am here to help you  und...
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