Holiday gift pressure getting you down?

26.11.18 10:26 PM By Shanley

What a great article by Becoming Minimalist! My favorite quote is: Consider this, human beings own more "things" today than at any point in human history. In America, the average home has tripled in size in the last 50 years. And still 10% of Americans rent offsite storage to house their stuff… and an even higher percentage can’t park their car in the garage because it’s too full. We’ve reached peak-stuff. People don’t want more, they want less... If you need help downsizing in your home or getting rid of a storage unit,  I can help! Move into the New Year with ease and grace knowing your energy can be focused on things that matter. And as an EXTRA BONUS I'm offering a 15% discount on all services booked before the end of the year. So contact me today! Peace & Grace, Shanley 520-940-8174 Source:  Is It Time for Us to Rethink How We Give Gifts? Becoming Milimalist