Women Are More Impacted By Environmental Chaos Than Men According To New National Survey

02.06.20 10:16 PM By Shanley


Tucson, AZ – (June 2, 2020) – Feeling a bit fuzzy in the head, unable to concentrate on the job at hand? It may not be the Monday morning blues but may be connected to how in control of your work and home you believe yourself to be. And, if you’re a woman, that feeling may be stronger. In a recent national survey of more than 1,200 individuals conducted by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), about half of all respondents said that when they feel disorganized, they find it hard to concentrate on current projects, but more female respondents reported feeling stressed from feeling out of control of their environment than men.

“Our survey shows that women seem more sensitive to the organizational state of their home, with 36.5% of women saying that looking at how organized or disorganized their home is, they feel stressed or completely stressed compared to only 22 percent of men,” observed Shanley Ten Eyck, Owner of Shanley Ten Eyck, LLC and a NAPO Professional Organizer. “In addition, more than half of women respondents (53.7 percent) report they are unable to concentrate on the work at hand, vs only 45 percent of men.”

Psychologists recognize that clutter, whether at home, in the workplace, or even mental, can impact an individual’s ability to process information efficiently and think clearly.

“When people think of clutter impacting an individual’s life, they immediately think of a hoarder, but that isn’t really the case for most individuals,” observed Shanley. “In my experience, people have different levels of tolerance for disorganization in their lives, and what is acceptable for one person may be intolerable for another.”

A disorganized home might be defined by some as clutter, or by others as a home that needs repair or work, or for others, simply cleaning. But for most, it centers on the functionality of a home - how it is organized and works for the individual or family living there. No matter how it is defined, it is a scenario that interferes with a person’s ability to function and feel in control of their surroundings and of their day-to-day lives.

According to Shanley, the survey revealed that in line with the degree of stress women report feeling about clutter, more women than men have wanted help in organizing their homes - 35 percent vs 22 percent.

Shanley’s best advice to help streamline one’s environment? Don’t wait until you feel out of control to tackle the stressors in your life. “Of course, we have clients who come to us because they are at wit’s end and need a solution to a problem. But for many, it is a form of self-care that allows them to continually function at their best and feel most calm and in control of their lives. For these individuals, it isn’t about crisis, it is a common-sense way to achieve a sense of well-being.” She added that for these clients, it is simply a matter of looking at things with fresh eyes to implement day-to-day behaviors to create the needed change.

“It is not about following a formula to some impossible ideal. The perfect home is one that works for everyone living in it.”

Shanley Ten Eyck

“A professional productivity and organizational expert will work with you to identify what it is that is interfering in your sense of control and peace of mind,” said Shanley. “It is not about following a formula to some impossible ideal. The perfect home is one that works for everyone living in it.”

As for that problem of women being more impacted by the clutter in their lives than men? Don’t worry ladies, there is some small hope on the horizon. The NAPO survey shows that 29 percent of all men will be making a New Year’s resolution to become more organized and productive in the coming year. Is there a holiday gift for a session with a professional in their future? That would be up to you.


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Survey Methodology Details

This survey was conducted by Survata, an independent research firm in San Francisco. Survata interviewed 1213 online respondents between October 08, 2019 and October 25, 2019. Respondents were reached across the Survata publisher network, where they take a survey to unlock premium content, like articles and ebooks. Respondents received no cash compensation for their participation. More information on Survata’s methodology can be found at survata.com/methodology.