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Organizing for the Holidays, the KonMari Way
For the month of December I'm joining Karen Caig for an interview series to prepare for the holidays and--especially--the new year coming up! We talk about how to use the KonMari Methodâ„¢ to get your home organized and which essential oils are best to destress.
10.12.20 09:14 PM - Comment(s)
Find recycling centers and services in your neighborhood.
What an AMAZING resource I just learned about! has a list of over 350 materials to recycle at over 100,000 places you're sure to find one that is convenient for you. If you need help downsizing in your home or getting rid of a ...
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What a great article by Becoming Minimalist! My favorite quote is: Consider this, human beings own more "things" today than at any point in human history. In America, the average home has tripled in size in the last 50 years. And still 10% of Americans rent offsite storage to house their...
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