Why I Became a Professional Organizer & KonMari Consultant

15.04.20 01:49 AM By Shanley

Harvard Business Review recently interviewed Marie Kondo about her new book "Joy at Work." I thought it was a timely and revealing read because it made me remember why I became a professional organizer.

I knew at a young age I enjoyed organizing things. When I was 16 or so, I remember coming home from work and my step-mother had moved things around in the kitchen cupboards. She had company over that day, and they all watched, entertained, as I attempted to make my lunch, all the while encountering things and returning them "to where they belong" (according me, anyway).

Well, that sense of unease at not being able to find things is why I became a professional organizer. To deepen my knowledge in this role, I attended a 2-day training session in Los Angeles led by Kondo.

Before you can attend the session you have to "Kondo" your own home and submit photos to her team. You also have to explain why you want to go through the training process. These submissions are then reviewed and approved to assure you've followed the correct process and fit the KonMari mission.

How do you ensure that all your consultants are as good as you?

To become a KonMari consultant is not an easy task—it involves testing and monitoring and many steps. Consultants also exchange information about what is working and what isn’t. That tight-knit community keeps the standards where they need to be.

Marie Kondo for the Harvard Business Review

After attending the training session you decide if you want to move forward and become a certified KonMari consultant, or not. I chose to move forward because I get it. This process is a wonderful way to help my clients overcome that overwhelm I felt when I couldn't find things in my cupboards. I can relate. That sense of overwhelm or that things "just aren't right" can be hard to shake off or overcome.

I love helping my clients understand that tidying is a skill that can be learned! Some people were just never taught how. That's why my focus is on teaching my clients. If I do my job well, eventually you shouldn't need me anymore!

However, I also understand that sometimes we just get busy and need a little course correction. And that's where I come back in to help you hit the reset button. This is most efficiently done by ensuring there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. Yeah, yeah, I know, I sound like your Mom. But guess what? She was right (don't tell her I said so)!

Planned obsolescence aside, I LOVE helping my clients figure out how to live in their home more comfortably than they ever have before. That's MY goal when working with you. But the real question is, what is YOUR goal? You can be sure that's one of the first questions I'll ask when we start our dialogue.

So think about that now. What IS your goal? For your space? For your wardrobe? For your relationship(s)? For your career? For your life? And then give me a call, and we can figure out how to make that happen. Virtually, of course.

Until then, move forward with Peace & Grace!




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Source: Life’s Work: An Interview with Marie Kondo