How to Increase Productivity While WFH

16.12.20 07:51 PM By Shanley

Declutter, Organize, Personalize!

I love finding great articles full of useful information. This one by Libby Sander is a perfect example. It's full of research and scientific reasons for why we behave like we do. With wonderful thought nuggets like the quote below, you really can understand the WHY behind the WHAT we do. Our brain loves order so we want to make things work best for us by keeping things tidy. This is where some organization and the KonMari Method come in and will help you increase your productivity! 

"However, new research has shown that even small changes to the workspace can have dramatic effects on the way people work. It will come as no surprise to many to discover that control over our environments makes a difference to how we feel. Personal control makes us feel more confident," Libby Sander.

By considering what you have on your desk and why, you will realize what you really need, and what is actually distracting you from working productively. 

I recently got rid of an ottoman that was sitting at the front of my desk. It ended up there when we moved because it was a perfectly functional piece that we'd used for years. However, in this new home it was mostly in the way. I was able to find new storage spots for the towels (with the other towels!) and the games (in the game closet!) and exercise equipment (I'll let you guess where they ended up...) and then wheeled the ottoman out of the house. I listed it on and it was gone within minutes of it being posted! Win, win for everyone! Now I've opened up new space for all that good productive energy to flow into my work space! It's no surprise to me that I've now spent MORE time at my desk than I did before the ottoman was removed. 

So if you'd like to increase your productivity and stir those creative juices, give me a call or book a consultation and and we can figure out how to make that happen. Virtually, of course. 

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Until then, move forward with Peace & Grace!